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International Prostar – it’s about fuel efficiency

Excellent article highlights fuel efficiency and aerodynamics of our ProStar

Want to talk fuel efficiency? The International Prostar has a story to tell, and it’s about fuel efficiency!

International Prostar Fuel Efficiency Article\

Reuters recently published an article about the fuel efficiency of the International Prostar.

“Mario Enriquez says there’s no real trick to getting great fuel mileage in a big truck.

“Just take it easy,” says the 61-year-old native of El Paso, who’s driven an 18-wheeler for 11 years. “I don’t gun the engine, I just gradually give it the gas.”

Enriquez averaged 9.74 miles per gallon from February to April in an International ProStar made by Navistar International Corp. For that, his employer, Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT), awarded him a Nissan Versa compact car. Enriquez wasn’t even the best of the company’s drivers in the latest quarter, but no driver is allowed to win more than once and all those ahead of him were previous winners.

The mileage performance Enriquez and truckers like him can achieve with current trucks is significant because it could influence how far the U.S. government pushes heavy truck makers to boost the average fuel economy of future Class 8 trucks – the over-the-road haulers like the ones MVT operates.

Environmentalists want the Environmental Protection Agency to set a standard of 10 miles per gallon, up about 40 percent from current levels, as part of a broader effort to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Some truck manufacturers say that could be too aggressive.

But owners of truck fleets such as MVT are running ahead of regulators and manufacturers, taking advantage of new technology and new ways of motivating drivers to cut fuel consumption. Their primary goal is cutting fuel bills, one of a trucking company’s biggest costs. In the process, some truckers are already achieving mileage close to the target that green groups want the EPA to set.

Brad Pinchuk, chief executive of Hirschbach Motor Lines, a midsize trucking firm, says some of his best drivers can get more than 10 miles per gallon out of their newest trucks today….” Read the full article

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